Slow down in Yzerfontein – a small piece of heaven on the West Coast.

No greater gift could arrive than our time at Yzerfontein. After 2020, every holiday or vacation is beyond enjoyable, but this little town is a place to cast away every care and find peace in the rhythms of the West Coast’s beauty. 

I’m here with my parents – this is worth mentioning because I believe they need this the most. My dad spent the majority of his year attending to those in the Covid ward. Mom probably needs new glasses after trying to master digital work-life and helping people from afar. 

Dad in front of the new Yzerfontein sign located in the harbour.

Life here looks more or less the same every day. We take long walks along the beach almost religiously each morning. If not the beach, then we explore some of the countless trails around the town – the benches along the way make it a little easier – and you might see a Dassie on the way. Tea a short bit before a good lunch, followed by a much needed afternoon nap (this relates especially to the parents). The afternoons here cater for a lot of time to read or for coffee in one of the town’s coffee shops. Late afternoon is again reserved for beach time – this time with a bit more sun. 

Dassies soaking in the sunlight.

One of my favourite things to do is to explore the town on foot, with my camera in hand. The goal is not to find the spectacular, but rather to find the beauties hidden in the everyday life of Yzerfontein. In the ordinary, there is always something to catch you off-guard. The ocean and the wilderness here seems wild beyond measure – as it was meant to be. Seagulls flock together and might just steal some of your lunch if you aren’t careful. Then there are those that have chosen to either build their lives here or build a getaway from life. I try to slow down and capture the moments where these things align – where beauty stares back at me through the cracks of empty holiday homes. 

You never know what you’ll find on any given day here. On one of our long walks, we saw some movement in the water. A seal had drifted close to shore and I say drifted because this fella looked like he too, was on a summer break. Lazily he drifted through the water – stomach towards the sky, with no worries at all. I suggest you do the same when you visit Yzerfontein. 

Things to do:

Walks across the sixteen-mile beach or the trails towards Schaapen Island. 

Places to go:

For the freshest fish and chips, visit Skafti.

For Coffee and Artisan bread, visit Rosemead Artisan.

For a local beer, visit Yzer Bru.  

Nearby: West Coast National Park & Darling