We all start with WHY.

If you have ever been surrounded by young children, then you will know this phrase that so quickly becomes rather annoying and very quickly you are not only annoyed but most likely incapable of providing an answer. 


“Careful, it’ll burn if you touch that.” Why? 

“That’s dangerous!” Why?

“It’s bedtime.” Why? 

Then, one day, it seems to stop – It might be the way we respond, but somehow they just don’t bother asking why. The older I get, the fewer I find people that ask why with their lives. Why can be a lot of things. It’s not necessarily the denial of something, but rather here refers to our process of seeking more. More information, insight, wisdom and more life. 

I am so thankful for a handful of people that come to me with things they’ve discovered this last week, or questions they have because they’ve been thinking in a new way about something. The best conversions start with “I wonder if…” Now I wonder why it is that only a few have this desire for more. Why only a few press in to go deeper, to see the world, to understand. 

I believe every person has been created with the potential for great significance. Within us there are dreams to fulfil, futures to create and lives to touch. Significance however is broken down into moments. For each of us, there are moments that can divine our lives. When we are children, these moments can be small – as small as learning about a hot plate that could burn you. When we get older, some of these moments require great courage and character.

Those that do not spend time to build character, to ask the “why” questions in life, are most often unable to identify these moments as they get older. The more you press in, the more you start to notice your ability to change the narrative. The more you start not only to see moments of significance but also to create a life of significance. 

If each of us has the potential for significance, then what holds us back is our capacity for significance. Our pursuit of significance starts with a desire for more. A Genesis moment where we are convicted that “there is more”. We have to choose to be thrown down a rabbit hole of exploration to discover what it is that we are falling short of. What we do not know, what we have not perceived until this moment. At the root of it is a conviction that things can be different and better from what they are now and a curiosity to discover the things of God we are yet to know and perceive. If we do not pursue these things, we will not become the people we need to be or worse, that we were created to be.

I am unsure what stops us from being curious. My biggest hunch is that there are voices in our lives that tell us that our questions are not important and that life is not worth exploring. That our biggest significance is mere survival. 

Perhaps it only takes one voice to change that narrative. 

Choose to believe that everybody has the potential for more and all they need is someone to light the fire. Not everyone will listen, not everyone will follow, but as you seek to go deeper, as you create a life of meaning, there will be those that look at you and hear the gentle whisper, 

“There is more.” 

This is the first adventure I remember. I’m so grateful that my parents took me to new places, stirring the curiosity inside. Years later, I still find meaning and purpose in the thick forests, mountains and unknown valleys of life.